Facts about the UK Scientific sectors

Thursday, June 25, 2015

50bn - Pharmaceuticals, medical biotechnology and medical technology sectors together comprise around 4,500 firms, employing 165,000 staff, with an R&D spend of nearly £5billion and an annual turnover of over £50 billion.

1bn - There are approximately 200 diagnostics companies in the UK, generating a turnover of over £1 billion.

50 - Of the top 50 global pharmaceutical companies, 37 have sites in the UK and represent 83% of the total pharma sector.

20% - The UK has the largest biopharmaceutical pipeline in the EU, with 20% of biopharmaceuticals in development originating in the UK.

900 - With more than 900 medical biotechnology companies and over 3100 medical technology companies, the UK has one of the largest Life Sciences sectors in Europe.

3,200 - NIHR Clinical Research Networks supported the practical delivery of 3,200 clinical studies in 2010-11 through the recruitment of over 500,000 patients.