Candidate Testimonials

"It has been a great pleasure to get in touch with Matthew! He is very professional and helpful! I come from Italy and he assisted me a lot with starting my new job in the UK during the lockdown period! We had a lots of fun, too!"

Associate Technical Transfer Manager

  • Matthew contacted me for an application scientist position and convinced me to apply. He got me an initial phone interview and prepped me through the rounds being encouraging every step of the way. I got an update soon after round 3 from Matthew with a positive outcome getting the offer I wanted.
    I am very gratfull for his help and support.

    Matthew Burns
  • Matthew Burns from Laboratory Solutions Recruitment supported me through the whole application process. He has impressed me with reliability, honesty and proactivity. At any time, he promptly replied to emails/phone calls and followed up on my requests. He listened carefully and advised knowledgeably. In addition, he negotiated on my behalf politely and effectively with the hiring company. I felt he had my best interest at heart and I am very grateful to him. Matthew Burns from Lab Solutions Recruitment is an outstanding recruiter and I highly recommend him.